White-labeling and Wholesale CBD, CBG and CBC Products

Distribution & White Label CBD Oils

Since 2017, Dodd Heres has created a vast sales and distribution network providing supplement formulation, cannabis-based product development and white-labelling services to many of the largest CBD brands in the UK. Our mission is to bring the purest and the most potent cannabis-based products to the European market.

Our white label MCT Oil-soluble CBD products have some of the highest potency of any other competitor and are manufactured at our nano research facility in Consett, England.

CBD wholesale and white label

However, it is our scientists and their lifelong passion for researching and developing cutting-edge cannabis products that built the foundation that makes Dodd Heres one of the best white label CBD companies in the world.

As a reputed, all-British brand, Dodd Heres maintains a high level of quality control and transparency as well as strict adherence to regulations in its farming practices, extraction processes, manufacturing, purification, and distribution practices

CBD oils manufacturing

Partnership opportunities include

  • Cannabis-based product licensing
  • CBD white labelling services
  • CBD, CBD-HQ, CBC and CBG product customisation
  • Wholesale CBD, CBD-HQ, CBG products
  • Multi-layered Product Quality tests
  • and cannabis research studies

Our simple pricing model and expert consultancy services provide you with the opportunity to bring a new product to market, at a low entry cost, with minimal risk and provides you with the time to concentrate on launching your brand, delivering sales and profits from day one without all the hard work.

We’ll take care of the product development and manufacturing, you take care of the rest. It’s that easy.

In addition, Dodd Heres has developed a large scale operation network including cannabis plantation farms, extraction labs, and bottling and packaging facilities to provide fully-integrated white label solutions.
Now your company can offer the highest quality hemp and cannabis-derivative products from one of the best white label CBD, CBD-HQ, CBC and CBG manufacturer in the United Kingdom.

Wholesale CBD, CBD-HQ, CBG and CBC products

If white label solution is not what you’re looking for, and instead you prefer to distribute products under our brand – Cannapharma – please get in touch to discuss pricing model and distribution details.

Selection of our products

Available wholesale CBD, CBD-HQ and CBG products

CBD-HQ oil drops 20%

CBD-HQ Oil drops

20% CBD-HQ infused oil drops (2000mg – 6000mg) in 10ml and 30ml bottles
CBD oil drops 10%

CBD Oil drops

10% – 20% CBD infused oil drops (1000mg – 2000mg) in 10ml and 30ml bottles
CBG oli drops 10%

CBG Oil drops

10% CBG infused oil drops (1000mg – 3000mg) in 10ml and 30ml bottles
CBD 5% oil drops and CBG 5%

CBD-HQ Oil drops

5% CBD + 5% CBG infused oil drops (1000mg – 3000mg) in 10ml and 30ml bottles
TriVitimmune immuno-booster


Immuno-booster infused with CBD (350mg – 1050mg) and DMSO in 30ml and 100ml bottles
CBD Dermal Repair Cream

Dermal Repair Creams

Dermal repair creams in 50ml containers with various concentrations of CBD, CBG, DMSO, Vaseline or Magnesium
CBD Fruit Jellies

Fruit Jellies with CBD

Fruit jellies infused with CBD (600mg) in approx. 85g packaging
CBD Winter nips candy

Winter Nips with CBD

Winter Nips infused with CBD (600mg) in approx. 75g packaging