CBD-HQ is a CBD extract discovered by Israeli scientist Professor Raphael Mechoulam, that is much stronger, more effective and because of the “Quinone” element, more easily absorbed into the human body than CBD.

CBD-HQ is the abbreviation of Cannabidiol-Hydroxy Quinone and is basically the oxidised version of CBD which occurs in nature when cannabis or hemp is left open to elements like sun and air. This process can take up to 20 years to occur naturally and then only a small percentage of CBD will turn into CBD-HQ, meaning up until the last few years in its purist form cost 1000 times more than gold.

Recent advances in technology has seen a few companies claiming to be able to shorten the oxidisation process to around three months but then only converting around 50% of the CBD into CBD-HQ.

Dodd Heres has developed the technology to convert 100% of the CBD to CBD-HQ in a twelve hour process and will start manufacturing CBD-HQ on an industrial scale in 2019.

Because of its scarcity little research has been done on CBD-HQ but it has been shown to have both anti-cancer and pain killing properties far in excess than other cannabinoids and much more effective than chemotherapy in fighting certain cancers, Type 2 diabetes and many other illnesses. Dodd Heres is developing a range of proprietary medicines with CBD-HQ as a base for the treatment of breast cancer, pain relief and many other ailments as well as offering CBD-HQ for sale in both isolate and extract form.