Cannabis Legalisation UK and Worldwide

The European marketing clearance and endorsement process have shifted medical cannabis products toward highly purified cannabinoid isolates. The growing interest and subsequent legal authorisation in Britain, as well as the rest of Europe, lend itself toward standardised pharmaceutical manufacture and traditional clinical trials of safety, effectiveness and side effects.

Therefore, Dodd Heres rely on the current best evidence of the medical benefits and safety of cannabis derivatives comes from systematised reviews of clinical studies as well as gold-standard randomised controlled trials (RCTs).

Cannabis Legalisation UK

Despite early clinical trials and anecdotal evidence that CBD has efficacy in a wide variety of illnesses and disorders (e.g. epilepsy, cancer, chronic pain, sleep disorders, spasticity, to name just a few) we are unable to make any definitive medical claims due to the strict UK legislation.

Further risks and benefits determination through proper clinical trials remains highly desired, but these will take considerable time and funds. In the meantime, Dodd Heres puts its effort into establishing a line of premium and highly potent CBD, CBD-HQ, CBC and CBG based products aligned with UK legislation, angled and related to food, dietary supplements and cosmetic products.

Accordingly, we invested much of our interest and funding into expanding the line of commercial products.

CBD legalisation UK government body